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In the early stage of post Liberation War, China was not able to build cars, steamboats, aircrafts, or trains……

Today, China explores the moon, launches satellite, owns the fastest high speed railway system in the world, and reaches the deepest place of the sea…… 

China is leading in the amount of technology outcomes over all the world.

However, China, the country who used to be the leader of the world technologies by using its Four Great Inventions, nowadays, there is almost nothing to share with the world beside rare performances from high speed railway, Sany and Huawei. Even China has a trade surplus for recent years, the technology part accounts only a few thousandths of overall trade amount and which endures serious deficit. That is not the problem in regarding of abilities and strengths, but the lack of awareness of technology exporting, lack of confidence, over closure in policies, and the fact of no professional technology exporting platform for public.



Our mission is to make it easy to export China’s technologies to anywhere.

We operate a professional online platform in technology trade, as well as other technology trade related services, to enable anyone around the world is able to communicate and interact with China’s technology suppliers. We provide one-stop technology export services to China’s enterprises, and to make it easy to trade technologies between China’s suppliers and foreign buyers.


Our Vision 

We aim to build a bridge between China and the world in technology trade. We envision to be the most influential technology outcome application platform. We hope our platform can boost the exportation of China’s technological products and solutions, and let the world to know more about China’s technological achievements.

Point Line Co., the parent company of cntechtrade.com, was founded in 2000 in Wuhan University Technology and Science Park. We aim to seek, screen and optimize high technologies, professionally committed to the precise application of valuable technologies, as well as clever docking and wisdom integration. We position in “intelligent economy, knowledge-based enterprise”, and through years of baptism and cohesion, we has been gradually building an energetic team with integration of R&D, marketing and management.



Point Line Co., Ltd.

29th Floor Chang Yuan Building

Qing Nian Road

Jiang Han District

Wuhan 430000


Tel: (+86) 027-83600009

Email: chinatechnologytrade@gmail.com

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